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The Ameswell Hotel is now one of California's most eco-friendly hotels. First of its kind in the Bay Area to become Carbon Neutral, LEED Silver certified, & Ocean Positive.

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The Bay Area's First and Only Carbon Neutral Hotel

After dedicated efforts and commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, we are now a Carbon Neutral Hotel! Based on a Scope 1 & 2 carbon audit connected by Satori Energy in 2023, the hotel committed to purchasing certified offset credits within a year and that goal has been achieved. They helped us analyze carbon output in 2022, the hotel’s first full year in operation. Silicon Valley Clean Energy then provided additional data that allowed the hotel to make estimates for 2023 and 2024.

Our individual initiatives that helped us get to this point stem from our use of solar panels and eliminating 96% of single-use plastic on premises. Our in-house organic bath amenities by Juice Beauty, as well as our kitchen's locally-sourced food, also helps to reduce our impact on Mountain View’s vital natural resources. Today, verified emissions credits are necessary to balance emissions that Ameswell has not yet been able to reduce. Ultimately, the company remains focused on mitigating its carbon impact by reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Why Is This Imporant?

It's no secret that preserving blue carbon coastal ecosystems are important in reversing climate change. The importance of our hotel becoming carbon neutral and focusing on ocean-related projects is that:

  1. It benefits critical ecosystems on the verge of collapse.
  2. These methods are extremely effective at carbon sequestration.
  3. It is impactful in restoring and protecting global ecosystems.


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Water Efficient Landscaping

Our superior exterior design and landscaping helps us to make our water intake more efficient and sustainable. The planting of different flowers and succulents out near our game lawn also helps to increase our water efficiency and builds a better connection between us and our local environments.

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Filtering Cooking Oil

Utilizing creative fryer solutions from Filta - a company that offers superior cooking oil filtration services - the oils we use for our fryers have an extended lifespan, allowing us to buy less of it on a yearly basis.

Once the oil is past its due date, they remove the oil, clean the fryers using eco-friendly cleaners, and convert the oil to biodiesel. 

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Optimizing Energy Performance

The solar panels located on our rooftop help us to optimize energy performance and create less dependence on fossil fuels. The solar energy created from these panels goes into powering our rooms, hallways, banquet areas, and any lighting throughout the hotel. What better for us to create sustainable energy than taking advantage of California’s amazing rays of sunshine! 

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Limiting Deliveries

We effectively reduce our carbon footprint by limiting our hotel deliveries per week. We know the most common form of carbon pollution is via cars and trucks, so we do our best to limit the amount of hotel deliveries from trucks to remain more carbon friendly.

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Have Any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding our sustainability initiatives or how these initiatives help to benefit your stay, please contact us at info@theameswellhotel.com or call us at 650-880-1000. 

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